I’ve been trying to decided whether or not to start a blog.  I’ve wrestled with it, wondered what I’d say, wondered if anyone would read it, and on and on and on.  Then it dawned on me, that old Nike saying, ‘Just Do It’.  My name is Sadieogrady, well it’s not my real name, but it’s who various media members and Twitter know me by.  It happened by accident.  Several years ago, one Sunday night I went into the News9 chatroom during the sports and the chat asked ‘your name’, I didn’t have on my glasses, and thought it said ‘nickname’.  I’ve never had one, but my sweet little black cocker spaniel named Sadie had one, and I call her Sadieogrady, so that’s what I typed in.  Over the years in the Sunday night chatroom, I got to know Toby Rowland before he became the voice of the Sooners.  In the fall of 2010 at the premiere of the movie  ‘History of OU Football”, at the Warren Theatre in Moore, I saw Toby coming towards me.  I was about to go through the entire explanation of who I was, why I use the name Sadieogrady, but instead I just yelled, ‘hey Toby, I’m Sadieogrady.’  He came over and chatted with me and my daughter, and he is so incredible!   He said to me, ‘wait till I get back to the station and tell everyone I met Sadieogrady’  What a guy!  I replied, ‘uh, you’re the celebrity, not me’, and we laughed.  What a humble guy he is.  That year I also began my employment with one of the companies that provides security for OU football and basketball, and have spent two seasons working every home game I can.  I am very blessed to be working in the suites during football season and have had a chance to see many of my Sooner heroes!   When I see them I’m like a star struck kid trapped in woman’s body.  This past basketball season I worked many times in the tunnel at the visitors locker room and have met more of my Sooner heroes.  This year I met a couple of guys Sooners fans might know, one named ‘Little Joe” Washinton and the incredible quarterback from the 1974 & 75 championship teams named Steve Davis.  I even got a chance to see the one and only Kevin Durant in the tunnel at OU.  It’s been an amazing job and one I cherish. My interests are varied, my opinions are just that, my opinions and I do not expect them to be shared by everyone.  The entire theme of my blog will be that phrase going around now, ‘just sayin’.   I have a wonderful family and am a faithful Oklahoma Sooner fan and until recently could have cared less about basketball, but then out of the West came the Thunder and I don’t mean a storm system, I mean the team from Seattle who became the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Now they have stolen my heart, so in my blogging will be various things about sports, my love of my family, and my opinions of the world today as we know it.  I grew up in a different time, a child of the 50’s, I spent my grade school years with a picture of Elvis on my bedroom wall, I had the Beatles to listen to all through my high school years, and all in all I feel like I grew up in the best of times.  My parents were moderate Democrats, but politics was rarely discussed in our home, so as I’ve gone through my life, I’ve formed my own ideas of how I feel about issues.  Sometimes people ask me how old I am, and if they are a Sooner fan I tell them, I won’t say the age, I’ll just tell you that I’m as old as Steve Owens (Heisman Trophy Winner from the University of Oklahoma), but I’m cuter.  I’ve met Steve on a few occasions, so I’m sure he would get a chuckle out of it too.  I am still sad over the Thunder’s loss in the Finals against Miami, but I can’t help be happy for LeBron. He needed that ring so badly and he is a superb athlete.  I have put that behind me and now I am  looking forward to the college and to some extent pro football season.  I lived in Dallas for eight years and still am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, but I’m also a fan of the sport itself.  I have many favorite players on many different teams, but above all I LOVE football!  It’s deep in my DNA, inherited from my father who was literally Sooner Born and Sooner Bred and he died a Sooner fan in 1985, the summer before the 1985 championship team, something that still saddens me to this day. 


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